Circumnavigation sailor, freelance writer and media producer, Dave spends his time onboard his sailing boat Sänna together with his long-suffering wife Marie. They are currently sailing around the world eastwards from the UK and are now in the Caribbean islands. Dave blogs, records and writes about their voyage, their humorous experiences, tragedies and the spectacular locations visited by Sänna and her intrepid crew. Dave is also the creator and writer behind the popular online satire site ‘The Ship’s Cat’, offering laughter and tears in the world of agony-aunt problem solving for emotionally challanged cats.

In the more sane world, Dave writes for a number of sailing and adventure travel publications both in print and online, working and editing for well known media names such as National Geographic, Time.Inc and BBC Travel. In the intrepid world of blue-ocean sailing Dave is a key contributor to the renowned cruising guides produced by Jimmy Cornell, notably World Cruising Routes and World Voyage Planner – taking full advantage of Dave & Marie’s vast experience of ocean crossings and sailing to remote locations.

Dave’s non-sailing experience includes climbing and long-distance trekking throughout Scandinavia, Iceland, Russia, the Alps and Scotland. In between Dave has owned two successful UK and Scandinavian based companies involved in marketing communications and specialist cold weather construction.

You can read more about their circumnavigational voyage by visiting the Sänna website and their circumnavigation sail blog. You can also follow Dave’s social comment blogging on this site… which have in the past been described as “very interesting but largely irrelevant” and leave your comments…

For those of you who follow Facebook you can view the Sänna page here. Dave’s Freelance page is here.