Circumnavigation sailor, freelance writer and media specialist, Dave lives aboard his sailing boat SV Sänna together with his long suffering wife Marie. They are currently sailing around the world eastwards from the UK and are now in the North Pacific. Dave records and writes about their voyage, their humorous experiences, tragedies and the spectacular locations visited by Sänna and her intrepid crew…

With over sixty thousand miles of ocean sailing, including cold water voyaging in the northern Baltic and Gulf of Finland, Dave is a qualified Yachtmaster and holds numerous other RYA sailing and navigation qualifications.

Dave’s non sailing experience includes climbing, trekking and skiing in Scandinavia, Iceland, Russia, the Alps and Scotland. In between Dave has owned two successful UK and Scandinavian based companies involved in marketing communications and specialist cold weather construction.

You can read more about their circumnavigational voyage by visiting the Sänna website and their circumnavigation sail blog. You can also follow Dave’s social comment blogging on this site… which have in the past been described as “very interesting but usually irrelevant” and leave your comments…

For those of you who follow Facebook you can view the Sänna page here. Dave’s Freelance page is here. You can also view their sponsor’s, Bargain Boat Bits, Facebook page here…. and their online store for marine chandlery products at www.bargainboatbits.co.uk.