Freelance Services

imageFreelance Writing, Media Production and Creative Copy

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. Maybe you are here because you wish to engage my skills as a creative writer in either a journalistic capacity or for more commercial purposes, such as copy origination for marketing communications. I have extensive experience in both.

Freelance Journalism

I write for a growing number of print and online media organisations who reach out to their readers in the travel, wildlife and sailing markets. I have articles published regularly in high profile magazines within the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. You can view my published articles library here. If you would like to engage my services on a freelance basis then please use the Contact page in this website and I will respond with my email address and contact details. For email and cellphone spam purposes it’s not prudent to publish my actual contact information on this page.

Media Producer

As well as my extensive experience in freelance writing, I have also accumulated a level of expertise in media productions including screen advertising, commercial presentations and travel adventure film-making specialising in wilderness regions. I can advise and assist in any media projects you may be considering… especially in a support capacity through my associate team of guides, wildlife trackers and specialist cinematographers. It all happens here folks…

Please use my contacts page to receive more information… which could lead to a thought provoking chat?

Commercial Copy Writing

My previous business experience includes establishing and managing my marketing communications company. This was, and still is, a successful business based within the UK and has a number of award winning marketing projects under its belt… before my final exit from the company in 2012. My creative skills in a copy-writing capacity were a fundamental reason for the success of both the business and the marketing campaigns that consistently delivered their objectives. If you would like to utilise my skills in marketing communications then please make initial contact through my Contact page on this website. I will respond as quickly as I can to discuss your requirements.

Please go to the Home page for more information about my current whereabouts and our circumnavigation around-the-world adventure.