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“There are two ways to see the world… the right way and the wrong way. Those who know the wrong way are the explorers, adventurers and vagabonds who make their own rules and turn away from a life of mediocrity.” Bernard Moitessier 

Northwest Passage

Following the success of our association with Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People, we have now invested extensive resources to launch Ungless Media.

Our aim is to create thought provoking projects and then seek to work with more established independent production companies or broadcasters to bring them to world-wide audiences through television and other media streaming methods.

File 06-12-2015, 22 18 39Specialising in the filming and production of wilderness, endurance and extreme adventure documentaries, we are continually changing our location to assist media organisations in their quest to explore more remote regions of the world without the confines of land-based travel. And, of course, our immeasurable understanding of the environment makes a real difference… the protection of the world in which we live is a key issue.

Our associate camera teams are each adventurers in their own right. Supported by experienced wildlife trackers and hard core wilderness guides, we have the expertise plus the magic know-how to get into locations where others rarely venture.

imageRight now the more remote regions of Alaska and British Columbia, generally only accessible by sea, are our back-door playground for wildlife adventure filming and intrepid travel. But our location is continually changing as we make our way around-the-world in our sailing circumnavigation adventure. In each new location we explore new documentary ideas and projects, often controversial but always thought provoking and undeniably interesting.

If you are an independent production company or mainstream broadcaster and would like to tap into our wealth of creative ideas and locations then please contact us. We always make it work and we have the track record to prove it.

A full review of our documentary projects currently in production or under consideration can be found on our projects page.

For further information please use our contacts page.

For information about our next exciting voyage please visit our sailing vessel Sänna website here.


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