Feed the Birds…


Cute Marcy

Moored close to Sänna is a yankee yacht Dubon. I’ve got to know the family onboard quite well, particularly Marcy who’s dead cute with pigtails. She’s six. The other day Bo, Marcy’s mother, told me she’s worried because Marcy keeps using a swear word. Bo says she gets this from her father who she follows everywhere like a magnet. Yesterday I was working on the furling roller bearing and I overheard the adorable Marcy use a little word whilst playing that little girls really shouldn’t use. I decided to help Bo out…

“Marcy, I’ve heard you’ve been using a very naughty word.”
She was shocked and horrified with wide eyes, “Who told you that?” she asked,
“A little birdie told me,” I replied, not wanting to upset her.
“No!” Marcy exclaimed, exasperated, “And I’ve just fed the little bastards.”

Bob Goddammit



I knew this wasn’t going to go well. I’d blown the wind instrument by accidentally shorting the wires trying to get a voltage reading and now I needed professional help. John, on the big Sunseeker moored alongside Sänna said “Well, I’ll give you the number of the only guy on the island who can fix that,” he looked concerned, “He’s good but I hope you Brits are tough cookies.” I called the number…

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