The Launch of Nelly Cat



Meet The Team

We’ve now launched our latest website venture Nelly Cat, the wild new event from

The Nelly Cat concept originates from ‘Nellie, The Ship’s Cat’ which features Nellie’s escapades, adventures and mishaps whilst onboard the sailboat Sänna during our round-the-world circumnavigation.

The new Nelly Cat website catalogues Nellie’s transformation from a disfunctional, disorderly ship’s cat into the world’s only known Feline Agony Aunt, dispensing sensible advice to any kitty or their owners experiencing personal issues that can only be resolved by an expert feline mind.

Nellie now has her own team of specialist advisors to assist. It’s chaos and witty mayhem as Nellie’s team get to grips with the crazy world of mixed up cats…


You can also learn more at Nellie’s own Facebook Page, joining her growing band of followers who receive all the latest news and wacky views.

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