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Sail-World. 23rd May 2014

German Yacht in Kona County Court.      Read…

Noonsite.  25th May 2014

German Yacht Skipper Appears in Court.      Read…

Boating New Zealand. September 2014

What Would You Do? Body in the Sea.      Read…

Nottingham Post. November 2014

Fearless Couple. Article by Lucy Budge.      Read…

Yachting Monthly. December 2014

A Gruesome Find. Learning Curve.     Read…

Practical Boat Owner. January 2015

Entering Foreign Ports.  Advice for sailing vessels.      Read…

Sailing Today. February 2015

In Cook’s Wake. Following Cook Across the Pacific. Read…

Yachting Monthly. January 2016

Knockdown in the North Pacific. Disaster & Survival. Read…

Cruising Helmsman, Australia. July 2015

Yemenis or Yanks? Long distance sailing advice. Read…

Practical Boat Owner. August 2015

Beyond the Pail. How to Drown Yourself in a Bucket. Read…

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