Stories From Alaska


Klag Bay Sänna

“We sailed north to Alaska from British Columbia, drawn by the wild mountainous wilderness of this savage land. Spectacular ten-thousand year old glaciers, mist-shrouded seawater inlets and rugged frontier settlements of indigenous first-nation people who live side-by-side with redneck renegades remind the unwary that here is a land of legend, mystery and the plain unnatural. Little did we know at the time, but we would be drawn into the ways of those who live only by their own rules, those wild hunting men who fervidly convince you to one day save their souls.” T. J. Sebastian

All of these published accounts that make up ‘Stories From Alaska’ are based upon true facts as I genuinely found them. The events I describe happened in their entirety though, of course, in the time-honoured manner used by all wordsmiths, some of my writings may be embellished or perhaps even a little coloured in their composition. Nevertheless, all are more-or-less unequivocally truthful in their general content.

Names of certain individuals and sea going vessels may have been changed but some have not – when it has been deemed essential to protect someone’s personal space or privacy from the ravages of intrusive social media and search engine technology, then I have acted decisively to hide their identities in every instance. Otherwise, everything you will read is sprinkled with truth, the bonds of loyal love and sometimes pure unadulterated terror.

The adaptation of each of these stories that originate from the most remote regions of Alaska have been made to ensure they are written in a way that can be published in a specially edited blog format. They are fashioned and censored in a manner that is suitable for web internet reading so as to test the resolve and general staying power of the reader – to then compare their readability against other more usual forms of media publication. This is not an experiment in media profitability, it is an examination of just how far I can take the truth – the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Within each of these entirely factual accounts, there is a subtle line beyond which you will doubt fact from fiction. But then, in every instance, I will present you with compelling evidence to convince you the reader, that I have related to you all the facts with exactitude and open sureness despite the transcendental paranormal nature of the events I describe.

Please feel free to lose yourself in these Stories From Alaska

1. The Chichagof Mine…                           Read

2. A Message For Martha…                       Read

3. The Ghost Ship…                                    Read

4. Greybeard…                                            Read

5. The Wrong Way To Say Goodbye…      Read

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