Tales From Alaska


Klag Bay Sänna

“We sailed Sänna north to Alaska from British Columbia, drawn by the mountainous wilderness of this wild land with its numerous glaciers, secluded seawater inlets and rugged frontier settlements that are home to indigenous First Nation people living side-by-side with redneck renegades forever seeking refuge from mainland corporate America. Little did we know at the time that we would be seemlessly drawn into the unconventional way of living that threw us into magical and mystical adventures that so often turned our minds.” Dave Ungless

All of these published accounts that make up ‘Tales From Alaska’ are based upon true facts as we found them. Of course, in the time-honoured manner employed by all competent wordsmiths, some of our writings may be embellished or perhaps even a little coloured in their composition, nevertheless all are unequivocally truthful in their general content.

Some names of individuals and vessels may have been changed and some have not – when it has been deemed essential to protect someone’s personal space and privacy from the ravages of intrusive social media then we have acted decisively to hide their identities in every instance. Otherwise, everything you read is sprinkled with a liberal covering of wilderness magic…

1. The Chichagof Mine…                           Read

2. A Message For Martha…                       Read

3. Ghost Ship…                                           Read

4. Greybeard…                                            Read

5. The Wrong Way To Say Goodbye…      Read

You can read about Dave & Marie’s round-the-world circumnavigation voyage onboard their sailing vessel Sänna at www.sanna-uk.com. Sänna’s Facebook Page is found at facebook.com/sv.sanna.