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Marie and I have just published our new website for our ongoing sailing circumnavigation. We’d like to keep those of you who wish to follow our round-the-world adventure more regularly updated.

There is lots more information and photo images but the prime reason for the change is to allow us easier access to amend and update our site from more remote locations when internet access isn’t so good.

We’re sure you’ll thoroughly enjoy our site and recommend that you check it out at…

For your interest Sänna is now located in the centre of Vancouver at Bayshore West Harbour, having sailed south from Alaska throughout this incredibly warm summer stacked with tons of sunshine… an unusual occurrence in this part of the world. We will soon depart British Columbia because of Customs time limits in Canada to find someplace south of the US border in Puget Sound to spend the winter. US Customs & Immigration are far more forgiving than their Canadian counterparts when it comes to foreign flagged vessels…

Once again our plans have changed… our voyage planning has been likened to a line in the sand at low tide. With our original Northwest Passage transit abandoned for this year due to circumstances back England relating to Henry and his education, we were considering plans to turn south for Mexico this coming October – a location from which we could then proceed through Central America and Panama to then transit the Panama Canal. But we’ve recently decided otherwise.

We now intend to stay the winter in the US northwest so that we can make our way north again next year though British Columbia and Alaska. This is an incredible part of the world with maybe some of the best locations we’ve ever visited in Sänna since we left the Mediterranean. This also leaves us with the option of making our dream attempt of transiting the arctic’s northwest passage very much alive and we will review our situation early next year. Perhaps we can once again return to our favourite Hoonah in Alaska to make any final preparations.

You can also follow our progress on Facebook… something we’ve reluctantly initiated because it seems that social media nowadays is the best method of staying in touch with family and friends. For those of you who are interested our Facebook page is located at

Dave & Marie

Vancouver 2015


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