My Life Being Me


The series of written articles titled My Life Being Me are a collection of newsletter publications describing my day to day problems of coping with bipolar disorder. The articles are in date order and will be added to as things progress.

Copyright is retained by myself although the PDF files can be freely downloaded. Improved quality PDF’s can be downloaded by simply clicking the Google Drive download arrow located towards the head of the page.

Please feel free to blog and circulate the content as you wish. I have nothing to hide.

Mental illness and depression is often a taboo subject. If you wish to contact me to discuss anything at all then please use my contact page and I will respond when I can.

My Life Being Me – 15th June 2015. Alaska.

‘You either love me or despise me. Hopefully, there’s something to find in-between that’s salvageable…’

My Life Being Me – 2nd September 2015. British Columbia.

‘A short read about those strange bipolar mood changes no one likes to talk about… the dreaded ups and downs…’

My Life Being Me – 15th September 2015. British Columbia.

‘A mad-cap adventure or a serious expedition into the Arctic Ocean? Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference…’

More to follow…