Matters of the Mind


As a fully certified depressive, I can be quite melancholy at times. On the bad days, when I agonise about dragging myself out of bed, my view of the world can be somewhat coloured towards the negative. But then, during a bad storm at sea for example, I can stand before the mast of my sailboat hanging on for dear life whilst totally mesmerised by the beauty of the violent sea. On these occasions I think, well, things aren’t so bad after all.

You may think I’m unusually brave but I’m not. It doesn’t take that much to turn me into a quivering wreck. I make no excuses for the state of my mind, my wife Marie, an incredibly positive person, often tells me I’m a living nightmare operating at both extremes. Every day I see how someone who’s glass is always half full copes with an unstable character like me. I try and learn but I’m not good at that either. But this blog isn’t about me.

Let’s discuss bravery, who are the bravest people in the world and what drives them. To those of you who are by your very nature extremely positive and don’t wish to be concerned with such things, please leave this blog here. I’m going to ask some problematical questions about your opinions of those mentally unwell…

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